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Your body is changing - don't make a boob job of finding the right bra! Over the shoulder boulder holder or upper topper flopper stopper - you need to be fitted correctly at least once a year or after every major growth spurt. A poorly fitted bra while you're still growing can lead to lifetime back and posture problems.

Once you have your size think about what you want from your bra. Is it for sport or support? Style or comfort? Bras are designed for different fits and activities.

“I am delighted with the discreet service. My teenage daughter was most satisfied and found Leeside Lingerie had just what she was looking for.”First/Training Bras
Girls who have started to develop breasts but do not yet fit into standard sizes should wear a training bra. Girls who have large breasts should wear a full support bra even if they are young.

Light Support Bras
Girls with smaller breasts may prefer a light support bra. Light support bras have no underwire and because they are less constricting, many girls find them more comfortable than full support bras. Light support bras come padded or unpadded.

Full Support Bras
Girls with larger breasts should wear full support bras, which are usually underwired. These are also available in padded or unpadded varieties.Contact us now to book a fitting appointment

Sports Bras
Any girl who takes part in athletic activity should invest in a good sports bra - even girls with smaller breasts. Sports bras help to protect delicate breast tissue during high impact exercise. Find out more about sports bras here.

At Leeside, we understand that going for a fitting can be a scary experience, especially if it's your first time! We fit teenage girls all the time. Teenagers can come in on their own, with their moms, or bring a friend. We'll do our best to make you feel at ease. To find out what to expect when you get fitted, click here.