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Regain your confidence with a beautifully fitted bra

At Leeside, we know that choosing a bra post surgery can be a sensitive and scary prospect. You may have many questions or worries about the different stages following surgery and what you can and can't do. We have a lot of experience fitting women post surgery, and we will help you find a bra that gives you comfort and confidence, and help you transition from your temporary to permanent prosthesis. Leeside are fully certified by Breast Cancer Care.

Choosing a post-surgery bra“I had an operation and needed to be fitted with a new bra. Leeside dealt with great sensitivity and care.
They went beyond the call of duty!”

Choosing your bra depends on a number of factors, including the type of surgery you've had and whether or not you wear a prosthesis. Your breast size will also help to determine how much support you need - if you are small breasted, light to medium support is enough, but if you have larger breasts, you should get a full-cupped bra with good support.

If you've had a mastectomy, the hospital will provide you with a lightweight, artificial breast shape - prosthesis (often called cumfies), to put inside your bra. During these first six weeks, you will feel more comfortable with a gently supportive soft bra, which should be properly fitted to provide good support. Often, women experience numbness and tingling in the upper arm at first, which may restrict arm movement, so bras which fasten at the front are a good choice.

Some women feel comfortable with the cumfies and prefer not to switch to a permanent prosthesis, although most women switch to a permanent prosthesis after about six weeks.

Contact us now to book an appointmentIf you've had a lumpectomy or partial surgery, with only a small amount of breast tissue removed, you may have a shell or partial prosthesis, worn inside the bra cup, to help your breasts look symmetrical. A padded bra or small foam filler might be sufficient to restore your shape. These are not as heavy as full prostheses but still require the right bra with adequate support.
If you've had extensive surgery and you've been left with a hollow, you should consider a pocketed bra. The prosthesis will fit neatly inside the pocket for improved comfort and peace of mind.

After surgery, it is best for comfort and support to pick a bra which separates the breast from the prosthesis. Also, look for a bra with a deeper front and more coverage on the sides. It is always important to make sure that your bra fully covers your prosthesis and fully supports both your breasts and your new prosthesis.

There is no reason you should not be able to wear underwired bras if you prefer, once the surgery scarring has fully healed, usually after around six months. If you show any signs of lymphoedema (lymphatic obstruction), or the underwire will lie directly on the scar, underwired bras are not recommended.

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